These are ten things you should know about Palisade. Maybe you already know them, maybe you don't -- but now you'll know everything you need to know about Palisade.

Palisade is engrossed in beauty and it's easy to see why tourists and locals spend their time here. From the peaches to the people, Palisade has a lot to offer.

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    Ute Reservation

  • 2

    Wine Country

    When you think of Palisade, you should think of wine, wine and then more wine. The perfect climate makes for perfect wine. There are dozens of wineries to taste test in Palisade.

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    Biker's Paradise

    Palisade is a biker's dream. Mountain bikers and road biker rejoice. There are miles of vineyards to see and trails that make you grip your handles. They wouldn't look bad from a motorcycle either.

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    Best View of Mount Garfield

  • 5

    Just Peachy

  • 6

    The Biggest Wine Festival

  • 7

    Art is Life

    You see art on every corner and nook and cranny of Palisade. Their motto is to promote and embrace 'art as a part of everyday life.' In my opinion, the more art, the more better.

  • 8

    People of Palisade

    A coworker of mine told me that once he got a flat tire in Palisade, with no spare on hand. A man came out of his house, gave my coworker his spare tire (rim and all) for free, and asked nothing in return. There's definitely something special about the people of Palisade.

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    Biggest Led Zeppelin Fan

    A cemetery in Palisade could be the resting place of the biggest Led Zeppelin fan ever. You can find the lyrics to 'Stairway to Heaven' on their headstone. Now that's a die hard fan.

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