You never want to be on either end of one of these annoying and personal questions.

There is a time to speak, and a time to remain silent. There is a time to ask a question and a time to keep your big mouth shut. Some people seem to lack the common sense to know the difference.

Inappropriate, Embarrassing, Awkward

We have all experienced them - those annoying and/or personal questions people ask during the course of conversation. It's possible you have been guilty of an infraction now and then. Oftentimes, these questions arrive during encounters with somebody you haven't seen in a long time. They may possibly be well-intentioned, but many times these questions are completely inappropriate and do nothing but create an embarrassing and awkward social situation - and maybe even some hard feelings.

What Is Wrong With People?

Some people simply lack common sense. Some individuals speak without thinking. Still, others are fully aware their question is too personal or inappropriate, but they don't care.

Asking questions is a regular part of daily conversation and there is certainly nothing wrong with asking questions. The key is asking the right questions - which doesn't seem that difficult, but apparently, it is, because some people just don't get it.

It's Not Always Black and White

There are some questions that you simply don't ask. There are other questions that might have a little gray matter surrounding them and there could be some debate on whether or not they are truly inappropriate. Some things might fall into the category of "it's none of your business" while others might fall under the heading "that's just a stupid and annoying question you probably shouldn't be asking."

10 Inappropriate Questions You Should Never Ask

It's always interesting to see other people's perspectives on things - whether you agree with them or not. We asked our listeners the question, "What is an annoying or personal question you should never ask someone."Here's what they said. You can join the conversation here.

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