Mornings can be a most challenging time for a lot of people for a variety of reason, and here's a look at what people in Grand Junction hate doing every morning.

We recently asked our listeners what is the one thing you wish you didn't have to do every morning. They gave us a variety of answers but there was a common thread.

"Using my outhouse. It's cold out there" was definitely the most entertaining answer we received. I am afraid that I am like most people who take for granted that first early morning bathroom visit in a warm, comfortable bathroom.

Putting on make-up was on the list, and I understand that one. I am glad that women do put on make-up and try to look nice, but, honestly, I am thankful that I don't have to do that. Seems to me it would get old real fast, day after day, week after week.

Making the bed was on the list.That's a chore I don't mind, but I confess I don't make it to perfection. It's not going to meet military standards by any means. But, in 30 seconds or so, I've got it done, and it meets MDF Standards.(My Dog Frisco's Standards)

But, the most popular responses we got from people in Grand Junction was that they hated getting up early in the morning. People talked about how they despised the alarm clock, getting up at 4am, and "waking up so early." I definitely relate to that being a 3:30am riser. My first thought every morning when my feet hit the floor is about how many days I have left this week to get up early.

I have to admit, I Iove being up early in the morning, it's just the getting up part that's never pleasant. It doesn't seem to matter what time getting up time is, it just isn't fun doing it.

But, as it turns out, I'm not alone. Now, we know. Grand Junction hates getting  up early every morning.

That makes me wonder, what time most people get up. So, here's a poll. Tell us what time you get up during the work week. I will post the results later.

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