The Zika virus has finally made its way to Colorado.

While we have been hearing of more and more cases of the Zika virus across the country, Colorado is now among the states that have confirmed cases.

On its website, the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment confirmed two cases of Zika in Colorado. The cases were reported last week, but there is no specific information about the individuals who contracted Zika, or their locales.

Apparently both individuals had traveled to a Zika affected country but have both recovered.

The CDPH&E says it is likely that Colorado will have more Zika cases this year though the particular mosquito that is believed to spread the virus is not found in the state.

The CDC is in the process of exploring all the ways that Zika can be spread from one person to another. They say it can be spread from a mother to her fetus or newborn, and can be spread by a man to his sex partners.

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