Being age 93 is amazing in itself, but what this 93-year-old Grand Junction man did is nothing short of amazing.

At age 93, most people would be happy and content just to be breathing and standing upright, but not Grand Junction's Dave Morison.

Morison has been active all of his life, from cycling and fishing, to rock climbing and ice skating, and he's not about to let old age slow him down.

On Sunday, Morison won the award for being the oldest rider at the 20th Annual Rose Hill Rally at Canyon View Park, a benefit ride and walk for St. Mary's Hospital's Rose Hill Hospitality House. Of the hundreds of riders participating in the 50K and 100K ride, Morison, at age 93 was the oldest.

In the video clip, listen to Mr. Morison (it's a bit windy) explain how he used a bike to haul fish down from a mountain before mountain bikes had been invented.

The rest of can only hope we can make it to 93, let alone be as active and as healthy as Dave is at 93.

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