This may not be a popular stance, but when it comes to North Avenue in Grand Junction I'm staying in the left lane and here's why.

Before I tell you exactly why I'm staying in the left lane on North Avenue, let me make one thing crystal clear.

If a person is going to drive 5-10 miles per hour below the speed limit on North Avenue, they should definitely be in the right lane. Just for the record, that is not me. I'm not going to drive much above the speed limit, but I'm definitely not going to be under it.

Having said that, I will tell you I prefer the left lane on North Avenue for a couple of reasons.

The first reason applies more to westbound North Avenue. The right-hand lane is extremely bumpy in some sections and it makes my truck shake and my teeth rattle. The left-hand lane seems to be a much smoother ride.  I'm all about smooth.

The second reason why someone might prefer the left lane is because you don't have to slow down constantly for motorists making a right-hand turn. Of course, this adds time to your North Avenue commute, but there's an even more important issue.

Just this week as I was driving home, there was a right lane closure on North Avenue. Cop cars, and a tow truck loaded with a smashed up vehicle were setting in the lane. It appeared there had been a rear-ender fender bender - which is fairly common on North.

The point here is that the more times you have to slow down on North Avenue the greater the chances are that someone is going to ram you in the tail pipe. It is so easy for drivers to be distracted, whether it's by their phone, the radio, the kids, or their sandwich. On North Avenue, looking away for a single second can be devastating because things can happen so quickly - especially when motorists are suddenly slowing down unexpectedly.

I don't have any statistics to back up my assertion, but I would bet there are far more rear- end accidents in the right lane than in the left on North Avenue. If that assertion is correct, I feel much safer being in the left lane.

On the interstate, yes, indeed, you will find me in the right lane until I'm ready to pass, but on North Avenue you are going to find me trucking along safely and steadily in the left lane.

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