There is a zoo for sale in Colorado and it can be yours if you've got the money.

The Swetsville Zoo property in Fort Collins is for sale, but what you need to know is this isn't a zoo of animals - at least, not living, breathing ones. What you'll find at the Swetsville Zoo is about 180 sculptures of everything from ranging from wildflowers to dinosaurs and spaceships. But, that's all about to change

The Swetsville Zoo has been a Fort Collins tourist attraction since 1985, with between 15,000 and 20,000 visitors every year. But, now the owner, 78-year-old Bill Swets wants to sell the 36-acre tract of land located on Harmony Road near Interstate 25. The asking price is $10.5 million - and you're going to have to provide your own animals.

Take a Look at This Colorado Zoo You Could Own

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