A conspiracy theory has claimed for years that there is an intricate underground network of tunnels and bases under America and several in Wyoming, but is there any truth to this legend? The answer is more complicated than you might think.

Before I tear into this to see if there's any truth behind the conspiracy, check out this map shared a couple of years ago on Facebook. Notice the lines that cross Wyoming in particular.

Let's start with what we know. It is a fact that Cheyenne Mountain Complex is an underground military base in Colorado. We also know that F.E. Warren is an Air Force Base in Cheyenne. Duh. It's also been revealed over the past few years that the government has secretly built underground bases like the Greenbriar to house Congress in the event of a national emergency.

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Let's now leave the stuff we know and speculate a bit. For nearly 30 years, there's a general consensus that something is at least weird happening under the Denver International Airport. Even if they're not housing E.T down there, let's assume there is some type of tunneling that the government has done to allow fast travel for perhaps military or government people to Colorado (and near Cheyenne Mountain) in the event that you-know-what really does hit the fan.

Let's now dig (no tunnel pun intended) into the Wyoming part. Again, this is conjecture since we just can't prove anything. I do believe it's possible there would be some type of transit from military or government facilities in Wyoming to a major transportation hub like Denver. I don't buy the alleged tunnels shared on the map shared on Facebook as a route away from F.E. Warren to Riverton doesn't make sense. But, I've been wrong many many times before, so...

I guess my answer to the question of whether there are deep underground bases in Wyoming is a definite "maybe". I think there's some fire where there is all this conspiracy theory smoke per se. But, I am not willing (yet) to take the deep dive into believing that flying saucers are being transported between Denver and Riverton. Yet.

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