A Colorado family is devastated and looking for answers after finding their cat dead in their neighbor's backyard. Their 12-year-old cat, Felix, was found cut in half and literally gutted.

This family in Thornton, Colorado had something terrible happen to them recently. According to WFSB, the family's neighbors found the cat dead in their backyard. When they found the cat, they called Thornton Animal Control.

The report made by Thornton Animal Control states that the cat:

  • ....was severed from behind the front limbs.

The animal control report also states that the scene:

  • ...did not appear consistent with an animal attack, and was possibly consistent with cruelty.

Since animal control dropped the case because of the evidence being inconclusive, the family decided to pay for Felix's necropsy at Colorado State University's Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories.

The family paid $300 to get more answers, and what they found is absolutely disgusting. Poor Felix sustained a major blow to the head and was cut by a sharp tool or knife. One sick person gutted this kitty, removing his organs and ribs, and then placed him in the family's neighbor's backyard.

The family isn't stopping here. They're sending off Felix's remains to be tested for DNA because they don't think this is a one time only sort of thing. Apparently, multiple cats have been stoned to death and mutilated around the area where the family lives.

This Colorado family is doing what they can to make sure that this doesn't happen to anyone else's furbaby. I don't understand how anyone could do this to a poor animal -- it's not just an animal, it's part of someone's family.

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