This 9-year-old girl in Grand Junction is looking for her best friend, Kitty Kitty Black Beans. Have you seen this cat? See the picture she drew and find out.

Willow Ferris is a student at Orchard Avenue Elementary School. She's lost her friend that's she's spent every day for the last seven years with. Her cat, whose name is Kitty Kitty Black Beans, has gone missing.

Willow's cat has been missing for a few days and she needs to find him. According to KKCO, Willow and her cat have been inseparable for the past seven years.

She misses her cat so much that she even made posters to find him. Kitty Kitty Black Beans is a black cat, who is slightly grey, with green-yellow eyes.

There's no better friend than your pet. If you see Willow's cat Kitty Kitty Black Beans, give her family a call at 970-255-7446.

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