There are bad drivers in every city across the U.S. and a lot of the time it may seem like they all live here across Colorado.

According to a new report by QuoteWizard, two Colorado cities made the top 35 list for cities with the worst drivers in America. Yikes!

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Colorado Drivers Admit to Bad Driving Habits

Ironically enough, the Colorado Department of Transportation has just released 2022's Driving Behavior Study, where Colorado drivers self-reported some pretty bad driving habits on the roads and highways.

Some of these bad driving habits are getting better, but unfortunately, some of them are just getting worse.

For example, 10% of drivers reported that they, "rarely or never stopped for pedestrians not using a crosswalk." In fact, that's a 4% increase from 2021's driving behavior survey. Not good!

I hate to break it to you, but pedestrians have the right of way whether or not they are using the crosswalk.

An even more startling number is that 21% of Colorado drivers self-reported driving under the influence of alcohol within two hours of drinking in the last month. That's a 3% increase since 2021.

The Two Cities with the Worst Colorado Drivers

Based on speeding tickets, citations, accidents, and DUIs QuoteWizard composed a list of 35 cities in America with the worst drivers.

Colorado had two cities ranked on this worst drivers list, Colorado Springs and Denver.

Colorado Springs came in at rank #16 with a speeding rank of #13. Denver fared a tad bit better and ranked #27, with a downfall of being #25 when it comes to DUIs.

There was not a Colorado city ranked within the cities with the best drivers in America.

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