"Wonderfully weird" and "fabulously freaky" is how the trailer describes this cult classic.

One could leave out the words "wonderfully" and "fabulously" and you would still have an accurate description of this 1975 musical-science fiction-horror-comedy film.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is dark and sexual, disturbing yet intriguing. It's like a bad accident. You are afraid of what you might see, but yet you can't look away.

I have not seen this movie on the big screen but did catch it on television a while back. I just had to see what it was all about after years of hearing about it, but not really understanding what it was all about. I don't expect to be seeing Rocky Horror in the theater any time soon, but those that do see it are in for an interesting experience.

After it's initial release, Rocky Horror became known as a "midnight movie" and that's exactly what's happening in Grand Junction on October 27th.

The Avalon Theatre is featuring a traditional midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The pre-party will begin at 10:00pm and the movie will begin at midnight. Every paid admission receives a drink ticket and a prop bag with all of the essential items needed for the audience participation. It's actually the theater experience that brings people out.

Those that so choose, can dress up in costume for a chance to win prizes. Of course, this is an adult-only, 18 and over event, and, of course, you have to be able to stay up past midnight.Tickets are available online.


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