I have seen a boatload of concerts during my 18 years in Grand Junction and this is pretty much the cream of the crop.

Music is such a subjective thing. We all have different musical tastes, likes, and dislikes and it's quite likely my list is a lot different than yours.

Honestly, it was difficult to narrow my list down to the top 10 concerts I've attended. Some are on the list because they sounded amazing. Others are on the list because I'm a big fan of the band and seeing them perform their hit songs live and in person is a special experience. Still, others are on the list because they are so iconic.

Before we get to the top 10, let me hand out some honorable mentions.

One of the first concerts I attended in Grand Junction was the legendary Johnny Rivers.  I couldn't call myself a huge fan - until after the concert at the Avalon which was absolutely fantastic.

Another one of my favorite concerts was the Guess Who. Wow, could these guys put on a show and with so many great hits like American Woman, Share the Land, and No Sugar Tonight.

I have long-been a fan of David Gates and Bread, so it was going to be nearly impossible not to thoroughly enjoy David Gates at the Avalon. Make It With You, Sweet Surrender, Guitar Man,  Everything I Own and countless other hits filled the set list.

Other honorable mentions that could have made the list - but there just wasn't room would include Arlo Guthrie, Foreigner, Little River Band, The Temptations, Brian Setzer, and Gin Blossoms. How many of those shows did you attend?

Without further adieu, let's take a look at 10 Grand Junction concerts that were absolutely worth the price of admission - and more.


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