The Grand Junction Police Department is trying to locate Teyonna Lashay Allen who is suspected of assaulting her husband and taking their child.

Currently, there is a warrant for Teyonna Lashay Allen, 28, for charges of 3rd degree assault, child abuse and domestic violence.

On Tuesday, April 7, Shawn Quintana, Allen's husband, stated he was leaving the Mesa County Health Department carrying his son in a car seat. He said a black SUV pulled up where his wife and three of her family members jumped out and surrounded him.

According to Quintana, Allen grabbed the car seat, but he refused to let it go, that's when Allen sprayed him in the face with pepper spray. She was then able to take the child and make off in the SUV.

When authorities arrived, they found Quintana rinsing his eyes out and could smell the pepper spray on him.

Quintana showed the authorities a protection order against Allen that was issued the day before but had not been served to Allen. It places their son in Quintana's custody and protects him and his son from Allen.

If you have any information on Allen's whereabouts, contact the GJPD or call 911.

[Grand Junction Police Department]