"The Wizard of Oz" is returning to the big screen in Grand Junction.

Sure, everyone has seen "The Wizard of Oz", right?  But, how many people have actually seen it on the big screen?? I would venture a guess that not many people have.

Anyone who was 12 years old in 1939 when the movie first hit theaters would now be close to 90, and I'm pretty sure 90 year-olds are a pretty small percentage of our total population.

Over the years, "The Wizard of Oz" has popped up on the big screen at various times for anniversary showings and special screenings. Nobody loves "The Wizard of Oz" more than me, but, yet, in all of these years, I have never managed to see it on the big screen.

That all changes this week.

"The Wizard of Oz" is playing at the Avalon Theatre on Tuesday, November 21 and I plan to occupy one of those seats.

Yes, I've seen the movie 50 times, but it doesn't matter. Besides, I may have been short-changed as a child, often times not getting to see it in its entirety.

As you might recall, back in the 70s the television broadcast of the 'Wizard' was always on Sunday night - church night. That meant we would get to watch about the first 30-40 minutes before having to leave for the evening service. There was no DVD, DVR, or VCR to assist with a later viewing.

By now, yes, I've seen "The Wizard" countless times - all the way through -but the big screen is special.

Admission for the movie is $7 at the Avalon Tuesday night, but this is part of their Dinner and a Movie series. That means if you bring a dinner receipt from a downtown restaurant from THAT day, you get in free.

If you're like me and you love the movie, but you have never seen "The Wizard of Oz", I encourage you to set aside Tuesday evening for a trip back in time and enjoy one of the greatest movies ever made - back on the big screen.

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