When it comes to Colorado Mountain Winefest, folks really believe in planning ahead.

Anyone who has attended Winefest knows that general admission tickets are rarely - if ever - available at the gate. You pretty much have to buy your tickets in advance or get left out in the cold.

As popular as general admission Winefest tickets are, VIP tickets are wildly popular as evidenced by the fact that they are already sold out for this year's event. If you were hoping for VIP tickets, perhaps this news will motivate you to be on the ball and go after VIP tickets just as soon as they go on sale for next year's event.

I'm not sure how many VIP tickets were sold, but I do know that the people that bought them paid $250 each for them. Seeing that price should make the general admission price of $60 a little more palatable, though, obviously, that price point is certainly not an obstacle to ticket sales.

Tickets for this year's Winefest on September 21 are on sale right now online. Take my advice. If you want to attend Winefest this year in Palisade, don't wait. Get your tickets now, because there is no telling when the cutoff will come and no more will be sold.

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