Living here in Colorado there are so many perks, like getting to see amazing wildlife. However, wildlife is still wild, so remember to respect that.

According to a press release from Colorado Parks and Wildlife, a recent appearance of a moose at moose on the Boardwalk in downtown Grand Lake prompted a reminder to the public about wildlife safety.

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Colorado Moose in the City

Wildlife officers received a call about a moose on the Boardwalk in Grand Lake and quickly found a mother moose and her yearling calf outside of a local restaurant.

Like any mother, a moose with a young calf can be extremely protective. While at the scene in Grand Lake, wildlife officers noticed some risky behavior from people in the downtown area.

“Moose are common in Grand Lake throughout the year. It’s not uncommon to see them on or near the Grand Avenue Boardwalk, and the swim beach at Grand Lake,” said District Wildlife Manager Serena Rocksund.

“On Friday, we witnessed people getting dangerously close to the moose and evidence of illegal feeding. Caution and common sense go a long way in preventing injury or death to humans and wildlife."

Be Safe and Smart Around Colorado Wildlife

Please remember that it is illegal to feed any wildlife animal in the state of Colorado. While you may think that you're helping, you are actually putting the animal's life at risk. Wildlife animals do not have the ability to process human food, even if its a carrot, hay, salt blocks, etc. etc.

You should always stay far away from moose in Colorado. Just how far? Colorado Parks and Wildlife recommends the following:

"Extend your arm out as far as it can go and hold up your thumb as though you are giving the moose a thumbs-up sign. If you cannot cover the moose with your entire thumb, you are too close and need to slowly back away from the moose."

If you see unsafe human behavior such as feeding or harassing wildlife, please report it to your local wildlife office. Find your local wildlife office by clicking here.

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