If you passed Sherwood Park today, (March 20) you were probably wondering the same thing as me. Why is the Grand Junction Fire Department at Sherwood Park in Grand Junction?

I saw parents and kids huddled around a fire truck at Sherwood Park today and I had no idea why. It didn't seem like there were enough kids there for a field day and since Sherwood Park is walking distance, I decided to find out what was going on for myself.

So phone in hand, I walked up to the Captain and just asked him, 'what are you guys doing out here?.' Captain Gardner responded that they are doing some pump training. They've got their trainee training to be an engineer, who is the person who operates the pump.

I was surprised to see how much water hosing fires down. Captain Gardner said:

One thing a lot of people don't realize is that there's quite a bit of kickback pressure that comes on these hose lines. So part of what we do here is train the firefighter so that they can take that pressure using things like hoses.

There is a lot of math and science that goes into fighting fires. It's actually not just water plus fire. It looked like the engineer and the whole Grand Junction Fire Department was doing a great job training. It definitely looked cool, to say the least.

The Grand Junction Fire Department said hopefully they'll continue to do ongoing training and it's always something they try to do as much as they can.

Once it gets hot outside, you know I'm going to cool down with the Grand Junction Fire Department's help.

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