Voters will decide if the Grand Junction Fire Department gets their new digs.

There's been talk for months about the City of Grand Junction's plans to improve citizen safety and emergency response times with upgraded dispatch service and increased police and fire fighting capabilities. Of course, all of that costs money and it will be up to voters to decide if it becomes a reality or not.
When you head to the polls on April 2, you'll find a proposed 5% sales tax increase on the ballot. Much of that additional funding will to the Grand Junction Fire Department. The money will go towards the construction of three new fire stations, additional staff, and upgrading equipment.
It's something the fire department says they've needed for some time. “10 years ago, it was recommended that we have three more stations to serve our community,” says Ellis Thompson-Ellis from the Grand Junction Fire Department. “We have about as twice as many calls per 1,000 people than other similar departments in Colorado.”
If the measure passes, the new stations will be built at 23 & H Road, 32 & D Road, and at Horizon Park just off of 27 Road and between G & G 1/2 road.

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