Congratulations are in order because the Grand Junction Fire Department is expecting twins. When we say twins, we mean twin engines.

The Grand Junction Fire Department announced on their Facebook that they're expecting -- twins. The announcement starts off with 'we've been waiting a while but are finally ready to announce - we're expecting twins!'

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Then, they go on to clarify that the twins they are expecting are babies, they're twin engines. Their tew new replacement engines will be in by the new year. They even included pictures of an ultrasound too, complete with two fire trucks.

We got to admit, these are some of the cutest twin engines that we've ever seen. Here's what else the Grand Junction Fire Department had to say about their newest additions to the GJFD family:

These new apparatus will replace equipment at Stations 3 & 4. The current Truck 3 will be used as the Fire Truck for Station 6 when it opens next year, and the current Engine 4, will move into the GJFD reserve fleet, used to provide service when front-line engines are getting regular maintenance.

The Grand Junction Fire Department goes on to say what the most exciting part about all of this is:

The most exciting part - the design of these new engines helps reduce the risk of work-related cancer four our crews and future generations of GJFD firefighters.

Congratulations to the Grand Junction Fire Department on expanding their family, their stations and for making their job just a little bit safer.

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