Grand Junction is certainly not unique in this regard, but figures show that in Grand Junction men make substantially more money than women, and we wonder why.

According to Wikipedia, the median income for males in Grand Junction is $31,685, while the median income for women is $22,804, which means on average women make about 29% less than men.

Comparatively, in Colorado, according to, on average women make about 19% less than men, which essentially mirrors the pay gap trends nationwide.

So, why is the gender pay gap in Grand Junction so much more that it is in the state and across the nation?

  • Are there fewer women working in management positions?
  • Are fewer women working full-time in Grand Junction?
  • Are women choosing lower-paying jobs, or are they simply offered more low-paying jobs?
  • Are there fewer highly qualified women in the Grand Junction workforce?
  • Is the gender salary disparity simply a matter of gender bias?

We don't have the answers to these questions, but we have plenty of questions. And, we ask you, why do you think women in Grand Junction are making so much less than men?

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