The Great Colorado Payback is a program set up by the state to reunite people with money or other assets that may be coming to them.

It isn't just individuals, either. Corporations, hospitals and more have unclaimed money or property that is in possession of the State of Colorado.

According to the site, property or money belonging to an individual or corporation stays with the state until it is claimed. There is no time limit on it, either, so if you feel you may have something of value belonging to you that the state may have, here's how you get it.

First, by going to the website, you can look up your name and see if you are owed anything (I wasn't), or you can look it up by the company or corporation name.

Currently the state is holding $390,159,345 in money and property that is owed to residents of this state.

So if you think you may be owed money from the state or they are holding property belonging to you, get to that website, fill it in and see if you do. There are over 1.7 million names of individuals and businesses  on the list so the odds are in your favor.

The best way to find out is to go get started. And good luck!

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