It sure seems like the Denver Broncos are Western Colorado's favorite sports team - but are they really? What about the Rockies or the Nuggets? What about the CMU Mavericks?

If the Broncos are Western Colorado's favorite sports team, it's most likely because of the success they  have enjoyed. Since going to the Super Bow for the first time back in 1977, Denver has suffered only six losing seasons in all those years and have made playoff appearances in 22 seasons - not to mention four Super Bowl wins.

By contrast, the Colorado Rockies have had only 7 winning seasons since they came into the league in 1993. They have never won their division, have made it to the playoffs only three times and only six times have finished the season fewer than 10 games behind the division champion. At least they do have one World Series appearance.

Then we have the Denver Nuggets. They have made the playoffs 24 times since coming into the league in 1976, but 16 of those appearances ended with a first round loss. Not only have the Nuggets never won an NBA championship, they have never even reached the NBA finals.

The Colorado Avalanche enjoyed great success after moving to Denver from Quebec in 1995. The Avs made 10 consecutive playoff appearances and won two Stanley Cup Championships during that time. The last 10 years haven't been so kind to Colorado hockey fans as the Avs have failed to reach the playoffs in seven of the last 10 years.

There are people who prefer the college game to professional sports and throw their support behind teams like the CMU Mavericks, the CU Buffaloes, or the CSU Rams.

We understand that local high schools have their own faithful following, but certainly, high schools hold much less broad appeal than college and professional teams.

And, of course, we now have the Grand Junction Rockies to root for.

So, we ask the question, who is your favorite sports team in Colorado?

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