Doughnuts bring to mind some wonderful memories of family, friends and good times.

Around the radio station, we get to enjoy them twice a week. Now, believe me, the doughnuts we get are delicious. But being the curious sort, I want to know who you think has the best doughnuts in town.

The sweetened dough has a tendency to bring out both the best and worst in us. The best because when we see doughnuts we are instantly in love. It only brings out the worst when someone either takes our favorite one or the last one!

What is it that makes a doughnut so delicious? That answer will vary depending on who you ask. For some, it's the delicious fillings they put in these wonderful treats. For others, it's how well they are prepared and how much variety there is. For me, two things. One, does it stay together when I dunk it in coffee? And two, how wide is my smile when I eat it? I'm easy to please.

Take a look at these choices and pick the one you think has the best doughnuts in town. Don't see your favorite? Add it in and let us all know!

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