We recently asked you, our doughnut aficionados, to let us know who in Grand Junction has the best doughnuts and boy was it close.

We all love doughnuts, but knowing where to get the best tasting ones gives us an advantage over everyone else because while they're getting lame tasteless doughnuts, we know where to get the best. And here are the results.

Daylight Donuts-44%

Homestyle Bakery-39%

City Market Bakery-12%

Safeway Bakery-6%

Walmart Bakery-0%

The difference between Daylight Donuts and Homestyle Bakery was one vote! Maybe we can have a doughnut off one of these days!

Get out and enjoy the frosted goodness, or cream filled deliciousness or fruity tasting treats and just have fun!

And don't forget to get me some!

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