It's National Salvation Army week, so for a moment, let's ponder where Grand Junction would be without the local Salvation Army.

It was President Dwight D. Eisenhower who declared in 1954 the second week of May would be National Salvation Army week -- and we are glad he did. It gives us a good reason to talk about the Salvation Army and what it means to the Grand Valley.

Look here at just some of what the Salvation Army does in Grand Junction.

  • Provides some 650 boxes of food every single week
  • Provides Christmas assistance for about 1800 families
  • Serves Thanksgiving dinner to 2200 hungry people
  • Provides rehabilitation services to those suffering from addiction

Where would the Grand Junction community be without the Salvation Army?

Well, replace all those numbers I just gave you with zeroes and think about all of those people that get assistance not just at the holidays, but throughout the year. Imagine if they have to go to other food sources, straining an already limited supply.

Of course, the Salvation Army provides disaster relief and support across the nation and around the world in times of trial and need. When you donate to the Salvation Army locally, you are helping them help your friends, neighbors, and family members who are in need. That money stays right here in our community.

So, during National Salvation Army week, we salute the men and women who serve at the Salvation Army in Grand Junction. Thanks for all you do for so many hurting, struggling people in the Grand Valley. Grand Junction would not be the same without you.

BONUS VIDEO: Behind the Scenes Look at Salvation Army Processing Center

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