A new sign is up, but what is really happening at the old Kmart building in Grand Junction.

It's been a year since Kmart in Grand Junction closed its doors and we all wondered what would go in there in its place. An indoor fun center? A big sports bar? An indoor driving range?

Well, by now we all know it's going to be a U-haul Self- Storage center. While the sign on the outside flashes 'OPEN', the fact is, there is no storage available just yet.

Yes, you can go in and buy packing boxes and supplies but there are no storage units.

I talked with owner representative John Pike who informed me they are shooting for November or December to have the storage units ready to go. When it's all said and done there will be 800 storage units available. Half of the units will be climate controlled, though all of the storage units, ranging from 5x5 to 10x15 will be located indoors.

Pike told me he's not sure yet if the facility will have rental trucks and trailers, regardless, the other U-haul location on North Avenue will remain open.

You may have noticed the U-haul sign that hovers high above North Avenue since it's been up for about a month. Or, maybe you're like me, driving up and down North Avenue twice every single day, but not noticing the sign until today.

So, no, the old Kmart building is not going to be a big indoor fun center, but it is going to be a huge indoor storage place.

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