Colorado's Smoking Vehicle Hotline is working to make breathing in Colorado easier and safer.

You may not realize it, but Colorado law prohibits all visible smoke from gasoline-powered vehicles and certain diesel-powered vehicles. Emission from vehicles is one of the leading causes of air pollution in the state.

What you need to know about Colorado's Smoking Vehicle Hotline is that it is voluntary and you aren't going to get in trouble. The hotline is designed to help motorists get their cars fixed before failing an emissions inspection. Your vehicle license renewal card will tell you whether or not your particular vehicle requires an emissions test.

Gasoline-powered vehicles are exempt from emissions testing for the first seven model years. Car and truck models prior to 1982 require testing every two years.

If smoke is coming from your vehicle during an emissions test, you will fail the test and be required to make the necessary repairs. A police officer may stop a smoking vehicle and issue a $25 fine for a smoking violation.  The fine for additional violations is $100.

Don't confuse water vapor with smoke. Water vapor is not dangerous. It is white and usually disappears within a few seconds, or once a cold vehicle warms up.

That's not to say that smoke won't be white. A vehicle that is truly smoking will be giving off white, blue, or black smoke and all three instances need to be taken care of.

Not only do vehicle emissions pollute the air, but they can also be a hazard to your health right inside your car. There have been studies that show at least 10% of vehicle emissions wind up inside the vehicle and breathed in by passengers.

To report a smoking vehicle, call 303-692-3211. A smoking vehicle notification will be sent to the address on the vehicle's registration. This informs the car owner their vehicle may be in violation of state law and the owner is asked to voluntarily make the necessary repairs.



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