Let's pretend we have $1500 a month to spend on rent. What do you suppose that would get you in Grand Junction? Obviously not Harry Potter's house that's pictured, but let's see.

How about a four bedroom, two bath home with attached garage and all new appliances? If your goal is to live in a house, this might work. Rent is $1,275.

Or how about this? A nice town-home, along a public park and close to hiking and golf, this one looks pretty nice.Three bedrooms and two full baths in a great area makes this one may be worth the $1,450 the rent will cost.

Maybe you need four bedrooms and two full baths in a newer home. This one just might fit the bill. It's pet friendly and has many new appliances and all new blinds. Rent for this one is $1,275.

This home, close to pretty much everything has three bedrooms and one full bath. A lot of light and pet friendly, this one rents for $1,150 per month.

In many cases, keep in mind you will most likely need to have three times the monthly rent amount as income.

Have fun looking for that perfect home for you and yours!

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