We may be rushing things a big, but it is time to deck the halls again - and much of the decking begins on Thanksgiving weekend.

For years, there was a growing - and disturbing trend of retailers opening earlier and earlier on Thanksgiving Day. Money talks, people love to shop, and so many stores were saying "why not?" But, now it seems more and more retailers are pushing back and saying 'no' to Thanksgiving Day shopping.

While a lot of people are busy carving Jack-O-Lanterns and stocking up on Halloween candy, others are already looking ahead to Black Friday. For those that are by-passing Halloween and jumping ahead to the holiday season, here is a look at what chain stores are doing and what the retail landscape may look like in Grand Junction on Thanksgiving Day.

STORES CLOSED (Officially confirmed)
*Ace Hardware
*Harbor Freight
*Hobby Lobby
*Home Depot
*Pier 1
*Sam's Club
*TJ Maxx
*True Value

STORES LIKELY TO BE CLOSED (Based on previous years)
*Barnes & Noble
*Bed Bath and Beyond
*AT& T

STORES LIKELY TO BE OPEN (Based on previous years)
*Best Buy
*Big Lots
*JC Penney
*Old Navy

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