Unfortunately, the spread of the Coronavirus (specifically COVID-19) has most of us staying at home for the foreseeable future. Which means lots of movies, board games, and meals with your family. That stuff isn't all bad but it has gotten us away from our normal of always being on the run and quite honestly barely ever sitting down for a meal together.

I have to admit I have enjoyed spending more time around the dinner table and having more conversations with loved ones because of the social isolation that is being recommended during this time.

Normally in our home, I enjoy doing the cooking so I make dinner for Savannah and me. Although while I am working on this task she is often working on something else around the house. I always seem to go back to the same recipes that are easy and quick.

Throwing in a pizza or lasagna is always our easy go-to meal, but with spending more time at home lately, I have had more time to put some chicken in the Instant Pot or make a ham in the oven which is normally only done around a holiday.

I really wish the gyms were open so I could work off some of the weight I am gaining after making so much food at home lately, but that will have to happen after we get past this Coronavirus.

So, what meals have you been making while you have had some extra time at home?

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