With all of the social distancing going on right now, people are just itching to have some fun. With the Colorado stay-at-home order still in place through this Sunday, April 26th that doesn't leave a whole lot of options for people wanting to have some fun.

One thing you could look forward to is visiting a drive-in theater. The Tru Vu Drive-In is already open for the season actually it opened last weekend and after making a few minor adjustments will continue with more showings this weekend. According to their Facebook page, they will be showing "The Call of The Wild" and "Bad Boys for Life" this weekend. The Tru Vu Drive-In is located at 1001 Highway 92 in Delta, Colorado.

The Star Drive-In Theatre is still working with the City of Montrose to get their first showing of the season on. But after a post on their Facebook page last night it looks like they will open up on May 8th. If things change, we will try to keep you in the know. The Star Drive-In Theatre is located at 600 East Miami Road in Montrose, Colorado.

We know this social distancing time can be difficult for everyone especially kids, so this might be a perfect opportunity to get out of the house while still distancing yourself. Drive-In Theaters are so much fun, and we are lucky to have multiple theaters in our area. Soon you will have the choice to pick which Drive-In you want to visit depending on what is showing at each theater. Just remember to go to the bathroom before you go.

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