This story is like wildfire on the internet and social media sites right now as yesterday for Mother's Day there was a Colorado restaurant that decided to open their doors and packed the place with customers. This decision goes against the order in place by Colorado Governor Jared Polis, which means this decision was actually illegal.

According to The Washington Post, the C & C Coffee and Kitchen located in Castle Rock, Colorado nearly doubled their normal Sunday morning crowd allowing around 500 customers through their doors. There was an armed bouncer at the front door, and only one mask was seen being used by one customer in the restaurant.

The owners of the cafe also reached out to President Trump on Twitter after stating they were standing up for America, small businesses, and the Constitution. There has been no response by our President at this time.

The owners of this restaurant have gone through real financial hardship due to COVID-19, however, their decision could cost them thousands of dollars as there have been numerous complaints made to their local health department.

It will be interesting to see how this story develops and if there are consequences for these restaurant owners. As there are quite a few business owners that would like to open for business but have stayed compliant with government orders. Obviously, this is a very serious topic for people out of work due to this pandemic and all business owners.

We will keep you updated as this story develops here in Colorado.

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