While the west slope is known for its blazing hot summer temperatures, the hottest temperature ever recorded in the state is far from western Colorado.

According to 9 News, It happened 130 years ago today on July 11, 1888 in the tiny town of Bennett, Colorado. Bennett is located about 40 miles east of Denver on Interstate 70.

On that memorable day in Bennett, the temperature reached a Death Valley-like 118 degrees. Unfortunately, the nation's first electrical air conditioner wasn't invented until 1902, so those poor folks in Bennett were relegated to fanning themselves and ditching their clothes to try and stay cool.

It wouldn't be until 1945  that the first window air conditioning units were available so most people could do nothing about the heat except sweat a lot.

By the way, if you're wondering about the hottest temperature ever recorded in Grand Junction, we don't even come close to the 118 degrees in Bennett. On June 30, 1979 the temperature in Grand Junction reached a tropical 109.9 degrees.

So far this year in Grand Junction we have been over 100 degrees eight times, and 22 of the last 40 days have seen high temperatures of 95 degrees or greater. That is plenty warm to be sure, but at least most of us have an air-conditioned or swamp-cooler cooled house to escape to.

The next time you catch yourself complaining about the heat, just remember, things could be a lot worse.

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