If you had the power to change one thing about Grand Junction to make it a better place to live, what would it be?

Now there's a question for you. A few of us around here were talking about this very subject so I wanted to include you in the discussion.

What is it about Grand Junction that could be improved? Is it affordable housing? Better paying jobs? More diversity in the culture? It's your chance to let everyone know just exactly what would improve our fair little town.

As most people know, finding a job locally that pays enough to pay the bills is a challenge, and perhaps improving in this area will be enough to move other things forward.

Or what about affordable housing? If we can't improve the jobs and income, maybe making housing more affordable would be a big help.

The debate about marijuana dispensaries has been going on since the city council voted to remove them. Would returning them improve our city?

In the poll below, select the one that best fits your idea of an improvement or gives us your suggestion. Next week we will post the results and maybe, just maybe, the city will look at our list and think maybe they have a point.

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