Recently, I asked you if you had the power to change one thing about Grand Junction, what would it be? And you responded. Some of the comments left were very enlightening, and I think the poll results speak for themselves.

Here, then, the poll, and the results.

  • Affordable Housing- 15.29%
  • Higher Paying Jobs- 31.76%
  • More Diversity In The Culture- 5.88%
  • Marijuana Dispensaries- 31.76%
  • Better Traffic Control- 2.35%
  • Other- 12.94%

In the other category, most centered around our system of government. Check these comments out.

  • "Better City and County People - Less Cronyism."
  • "Dump the City Government and start with an elected mayor."
  • "Better Leadership with City and County Government entities."
  • "Less idiots in local government"

As well as some insight.

  • "Actual urban planning with full disclosure and discussion"
  • "More for teens and young adults to do, as well as an amusement or water park"
  • "Better and more roads"
  • And maybe a few wishes, too.
  • "Can't go back, too bad we grew without regard to the people here."
  • "I would change the population back to a small town."

And some comments from our Facebook friends:

  • "I would put a fully staffed 24/7 police station in Orchard Mesa. I would give law enforcement every tool they would need to fight crime in Mesa County..."
  • "Invite the casinos"
  • "More crime enforcement."
  • And plenty of other comments as well.

This discussion is by no means closed, and please feel free to continue to comment on it. but one thing we can all agree on is there are improvements to be made here, whether it's government or infrastructure, sooner or later we will have to address these things and more if we want to continue to improve and move forward in the 21st century.

We appreciate your input!

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