What happened when the Beatles met Elvis Presley, August 27, 1965. The Beatles made their way to Elvis' home in Beverly Hill, California for the encounter.  One can imagine what it was like when these two rock and roll icons met for the first time. Who was in awe of who? From listening to the Fab Four talk about the experience it seems that they are the ones who felt very privileged to be meeting the king.Paul called it "one of the greatest meetings of my life", while John said he "was great. Just as I expected him to be." Ringo said "You couldn't get close(to Elvis). It's not like we could have become good friends."

Priscilla was there,but, Ringo said it wouldn't have mattered to him because it was Elvis he had come to see.But, Ringo, believing that Elvis was connected to the CIA said" the saddest part, all these years later we found out he tried to have us banished from America. That's very sad to me."

Watch the Beatles discuss their meeting with Elvis.

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