If you have been down North Avenue in the last few days, you may be wondering what happened to the fence along hole #6 at Lincoln Park. Driving down North just got scarier.

For nongolfers or golfers who have never played Lincoln Park, hole #6 is the long par 5 that runs along North Avenue. The street is normally protected by a net, fence, and a row of large trees. Right now, the only protection against some golfer's slice is the row of trees.

Earlier this week, the netting and fence came down, leaving us to wonder what's going on, and to think about how many Grand Junction windshields might get busted in the next several days.

Zane Mathews

I talked with workers on site who told me within a few weeks a new fence will go up, along with a new sidewalk,curb, and landscaping. That will certainly dress up that segment of North Avenue between 12th and 15th Streets. It looks like the fence won't necessarily follow the path of the previous fencing, which will give that section a bit of a new look.

Until then, driving past the golf course could be a bit of hazard for motorists who will have much less protection from errant golf shots. And for the golfers who are prone to slice off the tee, perhaps there will be a little more pressure and nervousness on the #6 tee. I don't know of any golfers anxious to replace somebody's windshield.