Recently we asked this question of our listeners to see what makes you crazy while driving around here. Your responses let us know we aren't the only ones who wonder how some people got their licenses.

Here are the best comments on driving I have seen in a long time.

Judy Kirkham-Beville-Texters and Net browsers are my number one gripe, vehicle sized speakers cruising through downtown residential areas and vibrating our houses is huge, too. Then there are the folks who use the residential side streets going 40 in a 25 mph zone. I'd like to drive nuts and loud in their neighborhoods and treat them to their brand of stupid.

Natasha Balen-No blinker, people that don't use the merge lanes, people that don't know how to merge property, go fast then slow then fast and so on, anyone driving on Patterson in the morning lol, people that are to busy on their phones to pay attention to others, and people who drive under the damn speed limit in the effing left lane!!!!!!

Michelle Adderley-People in the left lane that swing to the right to turn Left!!

RaeAnn Deegan-People not using their blinkers. Slow drivers and people who literally don’t know how to drive. I was driving on Pitkin (by Napa) today and some idiot was in the right lane and I was in the left lane. He or she decided to make a left hand turn and totally cut me off I almost T-boned them... like CHECK YOUR MIRRORS And learn howda drive people!!

And finally, one that sums it up perfectly:

Ashley Corbin-Everything!

Let's all try to be mindful of the rules of the road. We have to keep each other safe!

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