Western Colorado is full of hard working people. But sometimes hard working people would like a day off. Especially during the week, so I thought I would put together the five best excuses you can use to not go to work. None of these are foolproof, so if you have any good ones, please share! I need a day off!

My Car Won't Start

This one is a classic. Sorry boss, I have been trying to get my car started for well over an hour (I got up late) and it turns over (so did I, numerous times while thinking this one up) but won't start (I know the feeling). It's not out of gas, and no one is around to help me out, so I can't make it in today.

My Alarm Didn't Go Off

Another great one. But in order for this one to work, you have to be sure to not call anyone or text anyone. Definitely, don't want to check in on social media until after you call in. And remember, you have to sound like you just woke up.

I Had to Drive to Denver Last Night and Just Got Home

Or Salt Lake City, or any place far enough for someone to realize, bless his heart, he drove all the way to Denver and back and still thought about work. No, young man, you take today off and rest. Works like a charm.

I Have a Sick Kid

This one is going to take some work, especially if you don't have any kids, or if your kids are all older. You're going to have to set this one up way ahead of time for it to work. Let the boss know your child has had the sniffles lately and you have to keep an eye on him or her. Then when you need that excuse, there it is. Also, works if watching grandchildren.

Just Too Sick to Move

Tried and true excuse right here. And as an extra bonus, if you know you want to take the next day off from work, while you're at work, you can look sick, maybe make barfing noises at work, throw the whole place in an uproar. And, if you're really good, you can make them tell you to stay home!

Ok, those are my five. I never said any of them would work, but hey, you don't know unless you try. One cautionary thought, try to not use more than one at a time.

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