If you think all the stress in Colorado is in the big cities on the Front Range, you are almost right. But, two Western Slope towns buck the trend and are among the most stressed out in the state.

Zippia took a look a look at 79 different cities and towns across Colorado and ranked them according to their stress level. They used six criteria to determine stress including unemployment, the number of hours worked, time spent commuting, the density of population, percentage of income spent on rent, and the number of people with no health insurance.

After adding it all up, two western Colorado towns, Carbondale, and Rifle were among the top 10 most stressed out places in Colorado.

The list of the top 10 most stressed out cities and towns in Colorado include;

  1. Edgewater
  2. Sheridan
  3. Northglenn
  4. Aurora
  5. Federal Heights
  6. Carbondale
  7. Rifle
  8. Thornton
  9. Englewood
  10. Wheatridge

With the exception of the two Western Slope towns, all of the top 10 are in the Denver area. The city of Denver itself ranked 18 on the list.

Other towns of interest include Gunnison (13), Delta (22), Glenwood Springs (25), Montrose (39), Fruita (42), and Grand Junction (46).

So, next time you travel to the Denver area and feel stressed out, just remember, you're lucky you're only visiting and not living there.