A western Colorado teen has opened up a very unique store in the small town of Craig, geared towards the type of people he refers to himself as - nerds.

The store, simply called 'The Nerd Shop' was opened by 19-year-old Brandon Madsen who was motivated to create a place for people who enjoy things like comic books, Magic the Gathering, and Dungeons and Dragons to share their interests with like-minded people.

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Madsen, a self-proclaimed nerd, felt the need to open the store to serve the segment of the community that he identifies with the most as far as entertainment goes. He had this to say about the conception of the store:

I’ve always been a nerd. The problem is in this town we haven’t had a card shop, game shop, anything like that, for 15 years at least. Whenever I wanted Pokemon cards, comic books, Magic cards, anything like that, I had to go out of town. And there were so many other people like that. So why not open up a shop to help out the nerds in this community?

Madsen has also implemented something that is fairly new to the 'nerd' community, 3D printing. Recently, fans of "Dungeons and Dragons" and similar games have been using 3D printing to create their own custom characters.

According to Madsen, The Nerd Shop has been gathering a lot of attention from all age groups including children and their parents alike. The Nerd Shop is located at 80 East 4th Street in Craig.

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