A plane crash in western Colorado has tragically claimed the life of one person.

The crash, involving a single-engine biplane, happened Friday morning about 10 miles northeast of Delta.

Possible Plane Crash Reported Friday Morning

According to the Delta County Sheriff's Office, a call came into the Delta County Communication Center at about 8:00 Friday morning about a possible plane crash. The caller reported seeing the plane near Doctor Mesa, about 10 miles northeast of Delta.

Wreckage Located In Rugged Area Between Delta and Cedaredge

The Cedaredge Fire Department and the Delta County Sheriff's Office responded to a remote and rugged area between Delta and Cedaredge. Upon locating the scene of the crash, first responders found the plane appeared to have substantial damage and was resting on the side of a steep embankment. The plane's sole occupant, the pilot was found to be deceased.

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An Eyewitness Account

On the Delta County Sheriff's Office Facebook page, an eyewitness said they noticed the plane had appeared to stall, but the pilot had started the engine up again and was ascending. They said it "looked like he was trying to land but changed his mind and went back up."

The Federal Aviation Administration was notified of the crash and will investigate the cause of the crash. No other details were released by the Delta County Sheriff's Office.

It was a tragic start to the weekend in Delta County. Our most sincere thoughts and prayers are with the family of the deceased pilot.

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