Since Colorado legalized weed in January of 2014, or if we want to use the legal term and say cannabis, many people have moved into our state.

In Colorado, weed, pot, ganja, reefer, or mary jane however you refer to this substance and for whatever reason, you choose to partake in enjoying it either for medical or recreational it's legal.

But for surrounding states, it's seen unfavorably and it's not welcomed.

Wyoming is sending out a message to all Coloradans traveling to their state this summer to keep your weed home.

They've been loud and clear about cracking down saying anyone that crosses the state line with weed will be punished if caught.

According to Wyoming officials, they know many of their own Wyoming residents are heading to dispensaries in Colorado and even though it's not legal in the state of Wyoming plenty of people are still bringing it back home with them.

Whether you live Colorado or Wyoming, just vacationing or heading back home, this "Weed Warning" should be taken seriously.You need to keep the weed in states where the weed is legal, bottom line.

Wyoming will be changing their welcome signs soon to, "Welcome to Wyoming, but Your Weed is Not." LOL ... Not really, but they should.


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