The world's biggest firework was launched in Steamboat Springs this past weekend. Watch the video of Steamboat's world breaking firework successfully launch.

Step aside, United Arab Emirates, Steamboat Springs now holds the world record for the biggest aerial firework ever launched. This weekend was Tim Borden's second attempt at a world record, the first being last year -- and he succeeded this time.

Last year's launch didn't go as planned when the shell of the firework didn't leave the mortar. The shell still exploded inside of the mortar, but the shell had to leave the ground and explode in the air for it to be a success, according to the Steamboat Pilot. Well all of the changes Tim and his team made from the mix of explosives to extra metal plates, really paid off this year.

The world's largest firework launched at the finale of the Winter Carnival Night Extravanagemaa this past Saturday, February 8. The firework weighed almost 2,800 pounds and was 62 inches in diameter.

The firework launched 2,200 feet into the air before it exploded into a beautiful display of bright, red lights. It's crazy that all of Tim and team's hard work, years and years of hard work, was paid off in a matter of seconds.

According to Guinness World Records adjudicator Christina Conlon, she said that most people wouldn't come back and try to launch a firework just a year after their first attempt but this team displayed all the qualities that we at Guinness World Records love to celebrate, like perseverance and a dogged determination to achieve the seemingly impossible.

You can watch the launch of the world's biggest firework in Steamboat Springs below. Now that Tim Borden and his team have succeeded launched the world's biggest firework, I wonder what's next for them.

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