Watch this video of Coyote Peterson from Brave Wilderness getting a bunch of kisses from a Colorado wolf at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center.

The Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center reposted Coyote Peterson's video and we just had to watch it. Coyote Peterson from Brave Wilderness is all about connecting with nature and sharing up-close animal encounters.

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Coyote got to meet Orenda the 2-year-old grey wolf at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center. According to Coyote's YouTube video, grey wolves are considered to be the largest canis. Coyote Peterson took off most of his outer layers before he went inside of Orenda's enclosure

The YouTube video was filmed in January so there is snow everywhere. Orenda the grey wolf is in the same enclosure as Isha, the arctic wolf. Coyote meets Orenda by sitting down, not standing, in a pile of deer fur, and Orenda immediately started kissing him and trying to put her paws on him.

It seems like she's letting him know that she likes him and wants some affection. Orenda continues to sniff all over Coyote Peterson while checking out the cameras too. She really likes Coyote Peterson's fuzzy hood on his jacket, so much so that she tried to steal it.

Orenda is very affectionate with her handler as well, as you can see below, rubbing all over her and licking her. Coyote also got to feed her some treats, which she was extremely quick to eat right out of his hand.

Grey wolves are also known as timber wolves, according to the YouTube video below. No matter what kind of wolf it is, we love them all. We are so jealous of Coyote for getting kisses from a Colorado wolf. They're one of our favorite animals and would to meet one someday. Maybe we should take a trip to Divide, Colorado to get some wolf kisses at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center.

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