A fire at a Jefferson County condominium over the weekend caused a lot of damage and nearly took lives.

One Jeffco deputy, body cam rolling wasn't going to let anyone perish in the fire if he could do anything about it. So he did.

Deputy Q.B. Tran can be heard on the video asking if anyone was there. He then happened upon a man and his 11-year-old son trapped on the third floor. Tran grabbed a ladder and rescued the two.

Others in the condo complex were injured jumping from second-floor windows and were treated for their injuries. Tran and another firefighter were treated for injuries as well as smoke inhalation.

The man who allegedly set the fires, Alex James Duran, is in jail on a $1 million dollar cash bond and is accused of attempted murder, arson, criminal mischief, and assault.

Duran said he did not start the fire on purpose. He said he was burning books and spraying bear mace on them. He also stated his upstairs neighbors are witches and terrorists who had dropped explosives into his apartment.

A mental health evaluation was ordered as well.

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