The only news better than it's the last day of winter is free ice cream on the first day of spring.

It hasn't been a bitterly cold winter in western Colorado, and the state has enjoyed an abundance of snowfall. So, up until the recent rash of avalanches we'd have to say it's not been a bad winter at all.

What has been bad is the fact that February was wet and cold. Even though it's still the middle of winter, typically in the Grand Valley by mid-month we are starting to notice a warm up and we start to get outside. Not this year. It was a cold, wet month, and Punxatawney Phil's forecast of an early spring wasn't even close to being accurate.

So to say I am excited about the arrival of spring and the accompanying warm-up would be a massive understatement. That by itself would produce enough joy to last a month or more. But, no, there is more.

Dairy Queen has announced that to celebrate the first day of spring on March 20, they will be offering free small ice creams, with no strings attached, and no purchase will be necessary. The offer is available at participating non-mall locations.

Of course, the best ice cream weather is yet to come, but this is a good start, and the enjoyment will only serve to increase our appetite for all of the ice cream days that lie ahead.

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