Springtime is here! The first day of Spring was Tuesday, March 20. I wanted to know what you love about Spring and what you're excited the most for, so I just asked you.

One of the things I've missed the most is wearing shorts. My legs no longer have to be trapped in the constraints of pants. Since Spring, my legs have felt a lot freer.

You really can't beat the smell of some delicious food on the grill. Or eating delicious food on the grill surrounded by good company. I'm happy to attend any BBQs with you this Spring.

Even though we didn't get that much snow, I'm happy the snowing is over too. Well, hopefully. Although some of you are excited for warmer weather and the quickly approaching season of summer, others aren't so excited.

It looks like we've got some serious fans of Winter here. Linda can't wait to get to Winter and Spring just brings her that much closer to it.

I'm so sad that I missed free ice cream yesterday. I absolutely love ice cream and would have definitely stopped by a Dairy Queen to get some.

Both me and my boyfriend are excited for fishing. I'm excited to wear shorts and just to spend more time enjoying Mother Nature. I'd say my favorite thing about the season, are Spring's sunshine and increase in degrees. Here are some more of Grand Junction's favorite things about Spring.

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