It almost seems unfathomable, but Walmart Stores will change their name in 2018.

According to a report in USA Today, the Walmart Stores name will undergo two changes in the new year on February 1.

For one thing, the hyphen will disappear, and the official and legal name will match the name on the sign you see outside that says Walmart.

The other change is the removal of "stores" from its legal name. It's just going to be known as Walmart. I bet most people, like me, didn't even know Walmart Stores was the official name.

Okay, so it is not a significant change and it's not going to change the way anyone refers to the retail giant. But, it does give us something to think about. Can you think of a better name for Walmart if they really were going to make a change? How about Low Mart? Pajama City?

A lot of people have their own nickname for Walmart. Wally World and Wallbags are a couple that comes to my mind, but if there are others, I'd like to know what they are. We can create a list.

So we'll start with these two.
1) Wally World
2) Wallbags

We'll try and create a top 10 best names list for Walmart and then we'll share it, so be sure and keep it clean. Just write in your favorite nickname for Walmart below.

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